John Casey

John Casey
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John Casey is based in Oakland, California and has a truly unique style which is dark and powerful yet it stills manages to put a smile on my face. John’s detail in his line art is immaculate and his use of limited colours ties his art together perfectly.

Michael C Hsiung

I often pondered why mermaids were so common and mermen were almost unheard of, thankyfully Michael is working hard to balance the scales. His pen art depicting mermen and the relatively unheard of Angora Unicorns are unmistakable unique.
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Damien Weighill

damien weighill
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I stumbled across the genius that is Damien Weighill from his blog “your face” I was instantly an addict of his distinctive pen art. Combining a fantastic amount of detail and skill with an absolutely brilliant sense of humour making his illustrations a joy to look at.

Ariel Aberg Riger

A selection of sketches and paintings by Ariel Aberg-Riger from her blog Figure 1. I really like the simplicity of Ariel’s art, she is able to capture a unique style just from a few simple lines on a portrait – Possibly my favourite featured artist on Stunch.
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